Generally, a coach is designed for long distance travel, with lots of luggage space, big comfortable seats with lots of leg room, possibly a toilet, a high floor level so you are above cars with a good view, tinted windows and curtains, some may have a high quality sound system with TV/DVD,  plus loads of other passenger focused comfort features.


A bus, while it can share some features with a coach, such as air conditioning, is designed for short fast operations around cities so has fewer comfort features and assumes you won’t sit for long. A bus can be ideal for some trips, but think carefully about comfort level.
A bus is cheaper to hire than a coach. 

Most of our buses luggage space underneath, and you don’t want large bags in the aisle or on seats. They are dangerous missiles in the event of an accident. If you have lots of luggage, Mention this when hiring and we shall be able to supply you with a suitable vehicle.

We have not listed our charges on this website because there are some variables involved in pricing each charter trip, including season-based pricing. It is best to quote for each trip individually. So the more itinerary details you can give us, e.g. passenger numbers, date, pick up address and timing preferences, the more accurately and cost-effectively we can quote your job and give you the most cost-effective solution.

If you would like us to arrange and quote you for this, please indicate when you complete  your quote request.  Alternatively you may choose to arrange and pay for the driver’s accommodation and meals on all nights away from Auckland, Christchurch or Hamilton. If you prefer this option please note that our minimum requirements for the driver are a single motel or hotel room plus dinner & breakfast.

All drivers are governed by legislation with respect to work hours.
We are happy to discuss your travel plans to cover these requirements.

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We work to your instruction for pick up and drop off locations. Provided there is safe, reasonable and legal access our coaches can meet groups anywhere that is required.

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This is called “dry hire” and, no, sorry, we do not dry hire. Costly experience has taught us that some of our vehicles, worth in excess of $500,000 each, are best driven by our own trained and experienced drivers.

If your tour or trip has already commenced or is about to commence, we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency needs – e.g. a change to your itinerary or a cancellation.

As a general rule we do not allow the consumption of alcohol onboard our vehicles. The main reason is that it is almost certain that another group will require the use of the vehicle(s) shortly after your job and however meticulously the vehicles are cleaned afterward we still want to avoid having to subject the next group to any residual mess.